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Each section includes a few preview shots from the set. Click the photo to expand or click the blue link to see the full set for that trip.


Domelands / Sombrero Peak - group campout and peakbag - entire set


Beautiful country - good people - fossils - wind mills - and a peak bag. Life is good.


Whale Peak - a quiet and quick solo trip - entire set

There is something very spiritual about being in nature alone.


Sandstone Canyon - a follow-up trip - entire set


After spending a weekend with my Dad in Sandstone Canyon, I was back just two weeks later for a trip focused on photography of this amazing area.


Fossil Canyon - a backpack trip - entire set

A backpack trip with a couple minor injuries and an unusual thirst.


Bishop Creak - sierra backpacking trip - entire set


A fairly easy backpacking trip with friends, with a notable solo ascent of Mt. Agazzi.


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