a gratitude list

today I'm thankful for...

mostly good health
education, without which life would be a lot different, perhaps tougher
a few true friends
music (listening to Paramore, cute redhead songbirds, percussive guitars, simple melody lines)
family - Michelle
good job! and the remarkable people at work, making a humble living
watching sad movies on lazy rainy afternoons
listening to love songs late at night
all of my crazy adventures and stories, even the ones that are more fun than fact
ability to laugh, particularly at myself and my perceived difficulties
the bloom of the present moment ā€“ the power of now ā€“ Ommm
poetry: Hafiz, Rumi, Frost
God! Iā€™m sorry it took me this long to think of you, my friend. :)
living at the beach
walks up to the park at night, and fireworks every night during the summers
bike rides around mission bay
taking photos at night in the desert
my feel-good checklist
love, love, love, love, love, love!
tears in my eyes when I think of love
and here come those goose bumps

thank you thank you thank you!